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Team Audits is a web based (or Cloud Based) auditing tool designed to be as simple to use as possible. With Team Audits, you can easily create audits, assign those audits to your team and conduct those audits. You can then export the results.

We know there are plenty of other tools out there that allow you to conduct audits but they are overly complex and require training courses to get you started. Team Audits is about as simple as things can get before being too restrictive and inflexible.

We think Team Audits is ideal for auditing just about anything and we’d love you to try it out for yourself. It’s free to try and our ongoing subscription fees are very low. Probably too low.

With Team Audits, you can easily:

  1. Create an unlimited number of audit templates. 
  2. Create an unlimited number of questions per audit template where answers can be numbers, text or button answers (yes, no, etc).
  3. Get alerted when certain answers are given to certain questions and have those alerts going to any email address you want.
  4. Export your audits to PDF for off-line auditing. Export both completed and uncompleted audits.
  5. Export your audit history (full questions and answers) to CSV format for importing into spreadsheet programs such as Excel.
  6. Build your team of auditors to any number by changing your subscription level. The levels are 5, 10, 50, 100 and 1,000 auditors.
  7. Use any device such as an iPhone, iPad, Windows and Mac laptops and workstations. We haven’t found any device to be a problem.
  8. All you need is a web browser such as Firefox or Chrome to use Team Audits.

We need to put in a disclaimer here. We said “unlimited” in the feature list above. There are limits but they are huge and you’re unlikely to hit those limits. Tell us if you are restricted by limits in any way and we’ll see what we can do to lift those limits.

FYI, in regards to the number of auditors in your team, each person that logs into Team Audits needs their own login account and credentials. Each of those people require one license. So if you have a team of 3 auditors, you need only go on the lowest (5 users) subscription. If you have 40 auditors, you will need to go on the 50 auditors subscription.