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Team Audits can interact with ticket systems such as those used by help-desks or 3rd party contracting organizations. Team Audits allows you to set “actions” which results in an email that gets sent to key people if certain answers are given to certain questions by your auditors.

Here’s an example. Suppose Sally is a member of your auditing team. You’ve assigned Sally an audit to conduct on an aged care facility – a client of yours. It’s important that any discovered problems get fixed ASAP. One of the questions on the audit is “Are the residents in high-spirit?” and you want to know if Sally discovers that they are not (they are in-fact sad). So you create an action that results in an email being sent to your ticket system “if” Sally says residents of the aged care facility are not in high-spirits.

If an email is triggered (the aged care residents are not in high-spirits), it will go to your ticket system and based on the ticket system’s rules, it will be turned into a ticket and become part of your normal business workflow.

That is the extent that Team Audits will interact with external systems. This is a simple yet powerful workflow tip that can help make your team more efficient and make Team Audits more valuable to your auditing organization.

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