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We here at Team Audits go to great lengths to ensure the security and integrity of your information. This page explains what we do to protect your information and what you can do to protect your account from miss-use.

Team Audits built-in security.

We force all connections to the Team Audits server to be secure. More specifically, your web browser must connect to our server using “https://”. This means that information sent between your web browser and our servers is encrypted and secure and you can be sure you’re connecting to the real Team Audits servers – not a fake. But that’s not enough, we make sure the Team Audits servers are properly maintained by expert system administrators who make sure the firewalls are suitable, that backups happen regularly (and they are tested) and that only authorized people can administer our servers. We host out servers in the Amazon AWS cloud which is highly respected and used by the both the big and small ends of town.

Tips for you.

When using Team Audits (or any online service), consider these tips to get the most security and privacy:

  1. Passwords. Don’t use the same password with Team Audits that you do with other online services. Pick complex passwords such as “T@mOOrdit$” which is somewhat memerable but not so hard that you’d have to write it down. Change your password as often as you change your tooth brush. Finally, don’t share your login credentials with other people. That includes writing them down.
  2. Use Team Audits from computers that you trust. You wouldn’t brush your teeth with a strangers toothbrush and you shouldn’t you trust a stranger’s computer with your confidential information.
  3. Keep your computer up to date with both Antivirus updates and Windows (or Mac) updates. Ok, we’ve implied a fair bit here. The point is that you should have antivirus installed and running on your computer and make sure it’s automatically updated. Set your Windows (or Mac) updates to happen automatically too. Reboot your computer from time to time to make sure that updates are being installed and applied properly.

Finally, if you notice anything strange about Team Audits, contact us quickly at “” and let us know.