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Team Audits was designed to work on all devices including pen and paper. You can easily export any assigned audit to PDF allowing you to print it and use a pen to complete it. Later you can complete the audit when back online.

The key to this is the Inspection ID. The Inspection ID is a unique 6 digit alphanumeric string assigned to every assigned audit. You’ll see it at the top of all audits – completed and uncompleted audits.

In the screenshot below, you can see the Inspection ID at the top-right.

In the Team Audits home page (the page you see when you login to Team Audits) is a “My Audits” tile. Within that tile are your audits. Tip: If you don’t see your audits there, you either don’t have any assigned to you or they are hidden – click the “See All” button to view hidden audits. Next to each audit is a “PDF” button. You can export any audit to PDF including audits that you have completed and audits that you have yet to complete.

The following is a screenshot of an audit exported to PDF:

Here’s a workflow to help you get started. Suppose you are doing an audit on a ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. There is no Internet access so you need to use pen and paper. Sometimes you will have ‘some’ Internet connectivity but it would be very slow. Either way, you would need to create your audit templates first (while you have Internet access) and then export them to PDF. Print them out and use a pen to complete the audit. When you have Internet connectivity again, you can find the audits that you have previously completed with a pen, and complete them online. Just make sure the Inspection ID’s match on both the computer and the paper.