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Exporting your completed audits to CSV format is easy with Team Audits. Only the team leader (the Administrator) can export audit results. This page explains how.

  1. Log into Team Audits as the team leader.
  2. In the “Settings” tile, click “Reports”.

You will see a page similar to the following screenshot:

In the above screenshot, you can see there are 4 audit templates that we can export from. The top audit template has been used 9 times and therefore the CSV file will have 9 rows of audit results. The bottom audit template has not been used yet and therefore it has no rows to export.

Click the “Run Report” button next to the audit template that you want to export from. The following is a screenshot example of what you can expect in your export:

You can see the above has various columns. The first column is the auditor (the person that conducted the audit), the next is the Subject (written as Site), the next is the date and finally the questions.